Mechanical Removal & Re Installation

It is said that moving home is one of the most stressful situations most of us will encounter in our lives.  None of us want to see our cherished possessions suffer damage or go missing.

Moving your business to a new premises has a similar set of challenges.  Moving specialized machinery is not like turning out your kitchen cupboards at home – you can’t just pile everything in a box and throw it on the back of a van.  If you have production equipment to be moved to your new site, it pays to employ the right engineers to handle the job.  You need to know that everything will be put back together correctly when it reaches its destination.  A team of software, electrical and mechanical engineers will know how to break down your equipment and reassemble it just as it was.

Bluebay Technical Services are mechanical design and installation specialists based in the Northwest of England.  Our 40 years of experience with mechanical and electrical installations of all kinds means we are more qualified than most to work on your valuable equipment, whether it is an up to the minute robotic cnc rig, or a grand old relic of a bygone age.  As one of the leading mechanical installation companies in the region, we can not only dismantle your valuable machinery, but also reassemble it ready for work at the other end.  Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and other systems will be set up and ready to go.

Besides mechanical re installation, we offer services such as robotics engineering, industrial automation.  Each mechanical removal is another opportunity to have your equipment serviced and get it performing at its very best.  Contact Bluebay Technical for mechanical installations and to find out what else we can offer your business.

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Mechanical Removal & Re Installation