Mechanical Machine and Tool Design

At Bluebay Technical Services, we specialise in electrical engineering services in commercial or industrial, we also specialise in robotic engineering, mechanical engineering and software programming. Our machine and tool design services give us the edge above competitors as we are able to design and manufacture any machines and tools you make require.

We use 3D design technology in order to create prototypes as part of our approval scheme. Furthermore, we employ the Poka-yoke system to prevent operational error. Any possible errors are detected as part of this process by a means of testing any physical attributes, including fixed-value methods, and motion-step methods, so that the person operating the system will be prevented from making any mistakes when using a particular machine or tool.

At Bluebay Technical Services, we also carry out a FEA (Finite Element Method) analysis. This process includes analysis of stress, deflection and critical area. For each job we carry out, we also provide full documentation, including any 3D models and 2D drawings made as part of the design process. 

This mechanical machines and tool design service incorporates all stages of production, taking your specifications for the initial designs through to the manufacturing and installation and testing stages, as well as offering the option for training and comprehensive after-sales services.

Working in Warrington and beyond, feel free to get in contact with us today on 07941 662 418 or via our website contact form. Here we can carry out an initial consultation with you to see how we can assist you with your mechanical machine and tool design needs.


Machine and Tool Design
Mechanical Machine and Tool Design