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As you will be aware, industrial automation refers to the use of control systems for handling different processes and machineries to provide a more efficient and productive service than using human power. This includes the use of technologies such as computers and robotics. At Bluebay Technical, we have over 40 years of experience in electronics and software programming, and we aim to provide the best industrial automation service to those in Warrington and surrounding areas such as Leigh and Wigan. We work within various industries, including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, food and more. Read on to find out more about our range of services.




When it comes to design, we can handle anything including mechanical machine and tool design, electrical design, and software design. We provide our customers with full documentation, including any 3D models and 2D drawings to accompany the job in hand. We apply poka-yoke to prevent any error during the design process, which refers to the use of a mechanism that helps the equipment operator avoid mistakes by preventing, correcting or alerting any human errors. Our use of FMEA analysis includes stress analysis, deflection analysis and critical area analysis, with ongoing design support. If you have any production problems, we are able to offer design solutions through our electrical design services. We can even write personalised software programmes including the use of robotics, and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers).


SCADA Control


SCADA can assist your company by increasing the efficiency, whilst lowering your costs, and increasing the potential profit from your operations. It stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It has a great many purposes for use in different industries including manufacturing, transportation, water and sewage, electric power generation, traffic signals, buildings, facilities and environmental industries.


Machine Breakdown Cover


As well as our design services and ability to programme and put systems in place, we are also about to provide full service contracts for machine breakdown cover, being experience in TPM PPM activities. Where possible, we will help your company’s maintenance staff to solve problems through the technology as this will help your business maintain its productivity by reducing machine downtime. We also encourage using ADSL technology so that it is possible to access machines instantly in order to diagnose problems quickly, which could even prevent the need for site visits.


Other Services


We also provide our clients with consultancy services, and provide professional engineers to fulfil our installation and commissioning services. Where necessary, we can provide you with subcontracted engineers to get the best expertise. We can provide mechanical removal services, and help to reinstall any machinery, as well as carry out more specific jobs related to industrial automation.


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For more information on our industrial automation services, please get in touch by completing our web contact form, or by emailing us at You can also speak to a member of our Warrington team by calling us on 07941 662 418. We will be pleased to assist you with any queries you may have for us.

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