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Bluebay Technical Services are one of the leading suppliers of commercial electrical services in Wigan, Warrington, Leigh and the surrounding areas.  We are a family-run firm of electrical contractors specializing in electrical integration.  What does that mean?  Put simply, we integrate all your electrical systems and the processes they are part of to work together seamlessly.  Think of it this way: you can sign eleven of the best footballers in the world, but if they don’t play together as a team they won’t be successful.  We can make your commercial and industrial electrics play as a team.

Take a moment to read about some of the electrical services we’ve provided to Wigan and Warrington businesses:

Warehouse and Factory Lighting

Commercial electric lighting is an essential for any business.  Having adequate lighting levels in all areas of your premises is a health and safety issue – you wouldn’t want a customer to trip and hurt themselves, or an employee to fall from a loading bay.  Sometimes particular types of lighting are required, from traffic lights at a vehicle barrier to specialised lighting in a laboratory.  After 40 years as electrical contractors, Leigh based Bluebay Technical Services can supply and fit whatever you need.

Powered Drop Installations and 3-Phase Supplies

Bringing the power into your premises in a safe and convenient way is critical to the smooth running of your operation.  From the pylon to the plug socket, we can take care of every stage of your industrial electrics.

Machine Installations

BTS have extensive experience in providing production solutions in a vast range of industries.  We design and manufacture competitively priced automated handling, welding and bending systems and a range of other production machinery.  We also produce bespoke electronics and software to allow you to get the most out of the equipment.

Fault Rectification and Repairs

Every machine goes wrong sometimes.  But no matter what the equipment or the fault, Bluebay have the knowledge and expertise to get everything up and running again in next to no time… not many electrical contractors in Warrington and Wigan can say that!  We will track down and repair any electrical fault, and we may even be able to help prevent the problem from recurring.

Industrial Installations and Removals

When you need to install new production equipment at your facility, it pays to use the best electrical contractors to ensure everything is working as it should be.  Our experienced engineers her happy to handle any kind of installation, and we have a network of trusted partners to call on for larger jobs.  When it comes time to move premises, call us to handle the removal of your machinery.  From the dismantling, marking and packaging to the transportation and rebuilding, we will handle every step of the process with care and professionalism.

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